Thanksgiving is definitely one of my favorite holidays because it centers around something we should do every single day- be grateful and thankful. I am so thankful for YOU for finding your way here and supporting this site. I hope your day is full of love and food! Sometimes the holidays stir up family drama and tension and all those yucky things that can ruin such a special day. As Lysa TerKeurst said in a recent Instagram post “It’s so easy to be distracted by one wrong thing that we can often miss out on many right things.” AMEN!! She followed this quote with this nugget of truth “If I prepare myself in advance to give grace, I can more easily overlook those moments where others bump into my happy. There are so many right things to celebrate this year and I don’t want to miss a single one!” Yes!!


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So often we chow down and without taking the time to acknowledge the whole purpose of Thanksgiving- to celebrate all the blessings in our lives. I created this lettered printable with plenty of room for the little ones to draw a picture and plenty of room for the big people to list a handful of things to be thankful for this holiday season. Add these to your table with a mug of pens and crayons and let the fun begin! I’d love to share your images (with credit given, of course!). Please email images to or use the #thankfulprintable on social media.

Free Thanksgiving craft at

Download the printable HERE (scaled for a standard 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper)



Gallery walls instantly tell the story of your home, whether it’s through favorite snapshots or artwork that reflects who you are, or a combination of the two.  I recently had the opportunity to speak at our local Pottery Barn about gallery walls. It was a fun night themed “layering for fall”.  We have a gallery wall in our living room and it’s hands-down one of the favorite corners in our home.With super high ceilings, I was stumped with what to do with this space when we gutted our home nine years ago. But, I wanted this to be a space just for family as a sweet reminder of all the people we treasure . We picked the Pottery Barn Gallery frames because I didn’t want to risk not finding the same frame years later. Thankfully, the frames we started with years ago haven’t changed! We have our five kids in the center of the arrangement and added family around the kids. Honestly, other than those five center frames, I don’t put much thought into how the frames around it look but I did consider a couple guidelines to make it look cohesive.

There are several different ways to design a gallery wall. Pottery barn has great recommendations here but in case you’re wanting to use different types of frames or use items other than frames, there are a few things to keep in mind making this a beautiful option to add tons of personality to your space.

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Keep going! Your fire matters!!


Social Media. Two words that meant nothing ten years ago. And now that the honeymoon period has worn off,  I think most people have a love-hate relationship with it. It’s great for marketing. It’s awesome when you connect with someone you wouldn’t have otherwise ‘met’. It’s an easy outlet for self-expression. But it’s also draining and time consuming. And when it makes you question your own abilities, it’s just not fun anymore. But rather than allowing some stranger on the internet dictate YOUR goals and motivation, take a stand for your passion. If the fire is there, keep it burning!! Your Maker didn’t put those skills in your toolbox for them to rust.

So you know how Chris Harrison always says “this is the most dramatic season ever in Bachelor history” and you laugh because….well, if you watch trash TV like I do, you know every season is basically more of the same thing.  But this home tour REALLY IS one of the most dramatic I’ve ever come across. It’s a beautiful mix of modern with a splash of farmhouse and a huge helping of love. The interior is meticulously designed by House of Jade Interiors (one of my favorites!!!) for a lovely family of eight. Come on in! I know you’ll love it as much as I do. In fact, you’ve probably seen it all over Pinterest so here it is in one tour! Yay!



Modern Farmhouse Home Tour

White brick, wood accents,  black doors and windows make this home a classic favorite  while the symmetry of the exterior creates a feeling of comfort.  I love to share homes here not so we can dream about living somewhere different, but so we can take little tidbits of inspiration and incorporate it into our own space.

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Welcome back to the Southern Romance Home Restoration Series! To get you all dialed in, in case you missed the first and second post, I recently had the opportunity to enjoy a true southern getaway touring a completely restored 1906 Arts and Crafts bungalow in southern Alabama. And I saved the best for last! The moment you step out back you immediately feel wrapped up in the comfort of a time when life was slower and the days probably felt longer.

My trip was a bit of a last minute whirlwind and not knowing what to expect, I was a bit surprised at this whole experience. Truthfully, I didn’t really ‘get’ why we were going to look at screens on this beautiful home. What’s so special about screens? That is until Esther, CEO of Phantom Screens, took us to the back porch and with a remote in hand she suddenly transformed the entire space with the click of a button. We all stood stunned and wide eyed. What a sight that probably was!

Back Porch Southern Style Phantom Screens

The concept is genius, really. Retractable screens are hidden dropping down only when you want to keep the bugs out. You can’t even spot the housing for the mechanism in the photos!

Back Porch Southern Style Phantom Screens

The screens truly transform the space into another living space for the home!

Back Porch Southern Style Phantom Screens

Hidden is both a screen and a clear vinyl layer shown here (can you even tell? It’s there but feels and looks like there’s nothing there!) for those brisk winter days or those chilly summer evenings. THIS completely changed how I viewed screens. These aren’t any ol’ screens!!

Rempy Shokar headshots

Southern style back porch phantom screens

Dine al fresco!
Back Porch Southern Style Phantom Screens

Or enjoy a nap!

I’ll be honest, I thought I would tour this home, enjoy a little get-away, share the home with you all and call it a day! Instead, I saw first-hand how awesome and transforming these screens are AND more importantly, I got to know the hearts of the people who are Phantom Screens. I learned more about Esther De Wolde, who has a story every aspiring entrepreneur should take note of. While navigating what can often be a cut-throat world, Esther has managed to grow a business while caring deeply for people.

Complete source list:

Rempy Shokar Head Shots
Aedriel Moxley
Fox Hollow Cottage

Lipford Construction

Landscaping Design:
Azalea Street Designs

Kitchen Island & Other Design Selections:
Thistlewood Farms

Window Screens:
Phantom Screens

Plant Material for Exterior:
Southern Living Plant Collection

Lighting: either original vintage fixtures or
Progress Lighting



Dining room:
Book: 120th Anniversary Archive Edition by York
Pattern: AV2804

Book: Nantucket by York
Pattern: NK2027

Paint: Benjamin Moore (colors below)

Doors, trim, baseboard
Oc-132  grand teton white in a semi-gloss finish

Ceilings and space above trim edge
Top half of hall guest bath walls
Bottom wainscoting board in hall guest bathroom
Oc-132 grand teton white

Kitchen Cabinets
oc-132  grand teton white in a pearl or satin finish

2142-50  gray mirage (it is an antique greenish-gray)

Mary’s pantry & Laundry room

HC-116 Guilford green (bm colour of the year!)  

Living room, Dining room & Middle bedroom
CC-250 seaspray

Front parlour (front bedroom)
HC-111 nantucket gray

Master bedroom & master ensuite
CC-680  raindance 

Ceiling – 2054-70 clear skies
Deck – HC-163 Duxbury gray