When I was shopping for a gift for my hubby at Williams Sonoma I happened upon four fabulous cloth napkins on clearance for $7.50.  I brought them home, unloaded the bag on our bed and thought “hmm…I wish I had pillows with that print for our bed”.  I vaguely remember a Pinterest post or blog post about making throw pillows out of napkins and rather than actually finding a DIY, I went with my favorite method- winging it. These are super easy and  at just $15 each (if you already have the inserts and supplies which I did), they look far more luxe. I’m all about spending less and enjoying more. It’s easier to enjoy something that didn’t break the bank and if the kids mess it up, no big thing.

Gather your supplies. I dug out my Heat n Bond from my sewing basket that I’ve had since I was a little girl. I didn’t wash the napkins first (is that gross? but you know how stuff totally changes in the wash? did not want that happening) but I did iron the wrong side up to get all the creases out. I then followed the directions on the Heat n Bond applying it just to the band on the outer rim of the napkins. I only did the top and the two sides. More on that later. I lined the napkins up as best as I could (they’re not exactly square) and ironed them together. When I ironed both napkins together, I used a flour sack towel (we call them cup towels in our house) on top of the embroidered edge because the heat is intense and I was worried I would burn or damage the napkin. After ironing the three sides, I gently pushed the insert into the opening. I had every intention of applying Heat n Bond to the lower opening but that hasn’t happened….yet. I’m not sure that it will. You can’t really tell, can you? I used 18″ square pillows because the napkins are 20″ square. This allows for a nice band around the edge of the pillow. It looks like it was supposed to be like that!


SHOP the tools:
Cloth Napkins : Williams Sonoma (use code EXTRA25 to save 25%) |
18″ Pillow Inserts : Amazon ($5.10 each and free shipping!) | Heat n Bond: Amazon
Floursacks: Target