Everyday I’m Slow Cookin’

Some time ago I posted a personal tidbit on how much I appreciate our slow-cooker. Or do you call it a crockpot? Whatever your term, I think we can all agree they’re awesome.


Why do I love slow cookin’ it? Let me count the ways. You mamas out there know that during the week is busy. Having a tasty meal ready in the crockpot means it’s ready when we are. We don’t always eat with our kids (gasp!! I know…awful!!) so we can serve their dinner up (we do sit at the table with them which is nice because I feel like we get good quality ‘how was your day?’ talks in while we make trips back and forth to the fridge…now I just sound like I’m justifying not eating at the same time every night with them….which I am!) and then later on our meal is still hot and ready for us. I love the smell of stew in the winter and in the summer it’s nice to not heat the whole house up with a hot oven. With our newest chef in the house I can oversee her meal prep without feeling like I need to rush her because everyone is starving.

Our top slow-cooker recipe is for French Dip Sandwiches. I use it so much I actually google my own recipe while I’m at the store just to be sure I have everything. So I thought I’d post it again!!  It’s crazy easy to do and smells A-mazing.

Everyday I


  Slow Cooker French Dip Sandwich- So easy!!!Click Here To Print Recipe