Gallery Walls Simplified + Free Vintage Botanical Printables

We have a pretty large wall in our kitchen that has been a sore spot since we completely renovated our home seven years ago. I had a lonely mirror hanging on the wall for some time until it came crashing down the other night. I guess we could have done a better job securing it to the wall. Even though it was a total mess, it was the kick in the butt I needed to do something about the wall. Dragging the little one with me to my favorite thrift store (not his favorite place, unless I tell him we’ll look too add to his snow globe collection) I immediately spotted a little gem for $5. The kraft paper toned background and minimalistic pen and watercolor design felt so vintage botanical to me. “Nadler” is penned in the lower left corner as well as “Neri” above the door. After a little digging, I found artist Harry Nadler who lived in New Mexico at one time. Fingers crossed I have an original on my hands!

I’m still on the fence with my thrift store find but it got the ball rolling. Then I found this vintage botanical print. It’s just the image I needed to (hopefully)  inspire the rest of the wall.

botanical chart Aedriel at Home


Gallery walls tend to look cluttered to me. Keeping the frames and the images all within the same family of colors gives a cohesive and purposeful look to the wall. Botanical inspired vintage prints  using gold, black and wood toned frames creates almost a wallpaper vibe rather than a cluttered hot mess.

Gallery Walls Simplified Aedriel at HomeLauren Liess


Anchoring your artwork with a mirror, like this living room, and adding in an abstract piece mixes old with new beautifully.  What a cozy spot with all kinds of rich texture.
gallery wall aedriel at home

One Kings Lane

I’m a big fan of places like Homegoods and Target but a cozy “loved-in” home should have a good balance of vintage finds, don’t you think? Mixing in the old with the new gives a home the personality making it feel collected versus put together in a day.

gallery wall design indulgenceAnother beautiful example of using vintage prints with gold, black and wood-toned frames clustered together. It just works! Layers upon layers of beautiful.

gallery wall design indulgence two

Design Indulgence

Do you ever find an image and immediately think to yourself “yeah, that’s totally my style!” ? That’s what all this goodness from Design Indulgence did for me. Be sure to check out the rest of her home. It’s gorgeous!!

Botanical gallery wall Aedriel at Home

This gallery wall beauty by Scott Yetmen adds architectural interest to this dining room. The thin black frames completely covering the wall making it almost have a paneled effect. Nice!

black and white free downloads Aedriel at Home

Gallery walls are easy and relatively inexpensive. Find frames at thrift stores and send these images off to your local printer. Score lots of FREE vintage printables here. It doesn’t get any better than free!

  vintage house plans gallery wall Aedriel at home vintage-house-plans-209h

I’ve always loved ranch style homes. I think these would be a fun edition to a gallery wall. They have the same weathered paper color. And look at the description on the right. It says “Don’t say it…..we know…it’s too good to be true. But it’s right here in black and white and can easily become the REAL home you’ve often thought about.” How awesome is that?