It’s Okay To Be Happy With A Calm Life : Free Printable


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Slow down. Relax. Take a deep breath. Enjoy a long exhale. Quiet your mind. Talk to God. Be still for His voice. Let go of the yuck, because you don’t need it. Awaken a spirit of calm and in this stillness- you are mighty.

I created this printable ages ago because it really falls into the ‘Less Is More’ vibe we shoot for as a family. My life is…well some might consider it boring. Chaos is NOT my comfort zone. We certainly have plenty of moments and even seasons of chaos around here but I don’t seek chaos and I don’t find it to be the place I can relax in. Do you know someone who just loves chaos? Where your relationship is built around drama and complaining and negativity? And just when things calm down they’ll create drama because that’s where they have lived so long-  drama is their happy place. We live in a drama-fueled world. The media almost sensationalizes tragedies because drama sells.  But we don’t have to ‘buy’ it and we don’t have to surround ourselves with it.

I’m blessed to have a best friend who manages to keep life exciting but not in the Debbie Downer-negative drama fueled sort of way. It doesn’t matter what we’re doing, we manage to have a good time when we’re together. Embracing a calm life does not have to be boring! I have a blast with my husband Matt and our kids. Anyone else might think we are lame but we think we’re hilarious. A calm life doesn’t mean we’re sitting around mediating or that we’re quiet. Our house gets loud and I love it!

Don’t feel like you need to defend  your calm life. And those folks in your life that consider drama a good time….ain’t nobody got time for that. Say “no” to things that will fuel the drama. Limit over-scheduling your life and  your kids’ lives. Kids grow when they’re bored. And sometimes saying no opens the door to a blessing you might not have even considered a blessing. Embrace your calm life!!